August 23

Documentary on Paliam Nalukettu

Documentary on Paliam Nalukettu as a part of effective learning and deeper understanding of historical monuments. Documentaries can open up history in a very interesting manner. Whereas most of us frown to study history, when the same facts are presented in the form of motion picture, we get interested and we learn quickly and more effectively. There are a number of historical places in Kerala that have still not gained the necessary popularity .One such place is the Paliam Nalukettu and the Paliam Palace. This place is a 4 km drive from North Parur and is situated in Chendamangalam. It houses a 400 year old nalukettu and the palace has been converted into a museum which houses many relics from the past. It is run under the management of the trust and has a manager who runs the management and administration of the trust properties. Taking into consideration the historical importance of the Paliam family and the role played by the Paliath Achans as Prime Ministers of Kochi, the Government of Kerala has declared the Paliam Nalukettu and the Paliam Palace as Heritage Monuments.